2 filters with nets for MSPA V2 inflatable spa's

2 filters with nets for MSPA V2 inflatable spa's


Set of 2 filters with nets for MSPA V2 inflatable spa's, Ø108cm - 2 replacement filter cartridges for MSPA inflatable spa + 2 protection nets for spa 2020

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    Product description
    Technical details

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    Set of 2 filters with nets for MSPA V2 inflatable spa's, Ø108cm


    Key features

    Quality filter
    100% recyclable
    Easy to clean
    Protective net for filter


    Filter cartridge easy to install and maintain

    The filter cartridge keeps the water clean and is easy to install and maintain. Be sure to clean it regurarly with a water jet. However, if it remains dirty or coloured after cleaning, it must be changed immediately to avoid damaging the filter pump. Our filters are not made of paper, but of polypropylene, which ensures quality and longevity.

    100% recyclable filters 

    In order to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible, our filters have been redesigned to limit waste. They have been reworked to fit perfectly into our new range of spas, while remaining compatible with our previous ranges (bayonet, 2019 and before) by means of an adapter that you will only need to purchase once. Of course, our filters remain 100% recyclable.

    Protective net 

    The protective sock protects the filter when used. It increases the lifespan of the filter cartridge. 
    Caution: Do not forget to remove the protective net after using the spa. 


    Additional information


    Compatibility with brands other than our partner MSPA cannot be guaranteed.

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    Product Details

    • Warranty: 6 months


    Compatible with our Fjord 4 (SPA160LSGR), Fjord 6 (SPA185LSGR), Kili 4 (SPA180LRGR), Kili 6 (SPA205LRGR), Camaro 6 (SPACA069), Mono 6 (SPAMONO6), Aurora 6 (SPADAU06), Bergen 6 (SPABERGENRD6), Starry 6 (SPASTARRYRD6), Nest 2 (SPANESTR2), Carlton 6 (SPACARLTONRD6), Otium 6 (SPAOTIUMSQ6) and Tekapo 6 (SPATE06) spas. 
    90-ply polypropylene filter
    Easy to change
    More efficient, thanks to its ingenious structure
    Pack of 2 filters and 2 nets
    Longer life thanks to the protective net 
    Reusable net 
    Dimensions: Ø10.8cm x 6.7cm (x2)

    Product dimensions

    • Dimensions of packages

      Package 1: L15.5xD11.4xH11.4 cm - 0.3kg