2 plant pots in poly rattan

2 plant pots in poly rattan


Set of 2 60cm plant pots - Grey tones Prato - poly rattan, galvanised steel plant pot, aluminium frame

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    Main features:
    • Set of 2 pots
    • Light, sturdy aluminium frame
    • Height: 60 cm
    • Decorative pot in poly rattan, very trendy
    Product description
    Technical details

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    This Prato garden set in poly rattan consists of 2 60cm decorative pots in poly rattan and 2 plant pots in galvanised steel.
    Polypoly rattan is a resistant synthetic material of fine quality. It was designed to withstand both sunlight (UV rays) and water damage (rain/snow/salt water). 
    Its resemblance to natural poly rattan gives this material a chic and modern appearance, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
    Made from reinforced aluminium, the product's metal frame is much lighter than traditional steel frames and has the maximum resistance (naturally rustproof). The pots, for their part, are in galvanised steel.
    We have carefully selected the best quality  materials from our suppliers to weave our furniture, offering you exceptional durability. 
    To guarantee impeccable quality in our products, manufacturing is thoroughly inspected according to detailed specifications.
    The set is delivered pre-assembled and brand-new in its original packaging.

    poly rattan colour: Grey tones

    Key features

    Set of 2 pots,
    Light, sturdy aluminium frame,
    Maximum height of 60cm,
    Decorative pot in poly rattan, very trendy!


    1x Decorative pot: W34 x D34 x H60cm
    1x Plant pot: W30 x D30 x H20cm

    Package dimensions:

    1 Package: 34 x 34x 60.5cm - 7kg

    Technical details >

    Product Details

    • Colour: Mixed grey
    • Material: Polyrattan
    • Shape: Vase
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Use: domestic use only
    • Download user guide Prato


    1x Decorative pot: W33 x D33 x H59.5cm
    1x Plant pot: W28.5 x D28.5 x H20cm

    Product dimensions

    • Dimensions of packages

      Package 1: L63xD62xH36 cm - 7kg

    Prato Set of 2 plant pots, decorative pot poly rattan, 60cm vase